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Race Team Training

We offer 3 different classes of sailing Opti, Laser, & C420. We welcome everyone to be a part of the team. We have a full-time coach that helps our Jr sailors to achieve their goals, grow, and feel confident in their sailing abilities. There are 11 Regattas that our sailors have the opportunity to go to around Texas (6 local to DFW) throughout the year.

Check out our practice calendar here.

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Jr Team Practice Coaching & Cost

All new participants please contact to schedule a time to join practice.

Register for the Jr Sailing Team. Register Here

Practice Schedule:
Beginner Sailor 
Wednesday 5:30pm - Dark ($150/Qtr)


Junior Race Team -
Sunday 1:00 – 5:00 pm ($600/Yr)

    (Divided Practice Opti Laser)

Beginner Sailor 
     Wednesday evenings 5:30 pm – dark
New sailors with little or no experience – All sailors learn as a team on either Zest, Opti or Laser sail boats. 
         Spring Session (March – May 2023) - $150
         Fall Session (Sept – Nov 2023) - $150 

Junior Race Academy
Additional Opti/Laser water practice for Junior Race Team members with specific weekday training with our coach. Must be registered on Junior Race Team.
    Lasers - Monday evenings 5:30 pm - dark

         Spring Session (March – May 2023) - $400

        Fall Session (Sept – Nov 2023) - $400

    Optis - Tuesday evenings 5:30 pm – dark
       Spring Session (March – May 2023) - $400 

       Fall Session (Sept – Nov 2023) - $400

Junior Race Team 
Both Opti and Laser racers with specific coaching and development to increase skills level and knowledge in preparation for Regattas. Intermediate skill level and above. 
        Sunday afternoons 1:00 pm– 5:00 pm 

        All year - $600


Boat Charter Cost:

Grade A $850/Yr

     Excellent Condition - Race level condition

Grade B $700/Yr

     Mid-level condition, Race quality/scratches/minor imperfections

Grade C $600/Yr

     Average condition, great for practice

*Individual Coaching Available 

Personal On-Site Boat Storage (For personal boats only)

       Opti   $400/Yr

       Laser $600/Yr

Fore more information contact:

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