Adult Education


We now offer Adult Sailing Education too!  Whether you are just a beginner or looking to improve your skills, Grapevine Sailing Education can help.  We have USSailing Certified Instructors that can help you learn sailing basics or learn how to improve your racing skills.  We bring the same dedication and experience to help you grow and learn.  

Learn to Sail

Learn To Sail

Our learn to sail program is a two weekend - 4 day program that will have you ready to take the helm or your own boat, or making you better crew.  Our USSailing Instructors will get you ready to cast of your lines and cruise the world.  


And we have the perfect boat for you.  If you want to learn Keel Boat Sailing, we will use our 27 foot crusing boat.  If you want something a little more sporting, we can teach you in our fleet of 420 race dinghies.


We teach you everything from basic sailing, to docking, anchoring and basic boat maintenance.  Our combination of on the water instruction and class room setting will prepare you for years of sailing.


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Introduction to Sailing

This is a two-hour hands-on class that will let you experience all of the joys and pleasures of sailing.  Whether you just want to come out with someone special for a Champagne Cruise or get some basic hands-on experience.  We will get you on the water and sailing.  These classes are scheduled during the spring, summer, and fall during the late afternoons into early evenings.  Bring a friend or two and join us for a sail.

Introduction to Sailing
Introductino to Racing
Introduction to Racing

You may have heard the old saying - "What do you call two Sailboats on the lake - A Race"  Our racing program will help you improve your skills on the race course and help you just sail faster whether your racing your neighbor or getting ready for a regatta.  Our program helped to teach the 2012 Junior Texas Laser Champion how to win - and we can do the same for your